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Authentic Africa


"Sharing, learning and connecting people"

Do you need to take a break from the stresses of daily life, to reflect on who you are, what you want and the essence of your importance?

Do you long to feel a true connection with yourself and others, and increase your cultural and environmental knowledge? 

Do you need new insights and solutions, inspiration and a dose of life energy?

Are you ready for reflection and adventure?  



Welcome to WAMU.


WAMU encompasses togetherness. We strive towards sharing, learning and connecting people. We provide a unique experience to disconnect from everyday worries to instead explore a new environment, connect with people, appreciate nature and enjoy yourself.

WAMU is a program initiative by Eco-Agric Uganda aimed at giving an opportunity for people to connect with the beautiful country whilst participating in chosen activities implemented by the organisation. Engagement in such environmental activities reduces stress, enables you to relax and enjoy the best of WAMU experience.


Be part of the authentic Ugandan culture and engage community members as you learn to converse with them in their local language. Taste the local foods and fruits, enjoy public transport ("Boda bodas and Matatus") and join the community as you participate in the different activities. This unique experience brings diverse cultures together, to learn from each other and share new insights.

WAMU is a place to replenish your body, mind and soul as you immerse yourself in natures essence. An experience that sets you in motion. A journey from your head to your heart, activating personal development and life changes based on newfound connections and replenished energy.


For a profound experience that you will never let go, join us in beautiful Uganda; The Pearl of Africa. To refine, grow within yourself and connect with an authentic African community.

WAMU cottages provides a country side resting place where you can stay for a night or two. The perfect connection from Murchison Falls National Park in Masindi to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese. This journey can take close to 10 hours straight, which is stressful and tiring. Take a break and visit us at WAMU cottages. Freshen up, enjoy nature, rest and make the best of your tour. 


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Eco-Agric Uganda is a Ugandan member based Non-Governmental Organisation established 2007 with a wealth of experience in community development. The organisation's activities aim to improve community livelihoods, in particular women and children, through sustainable agricultural production, economic empowerment, environmental conservation, health education, rights empowerment, skills development and educational support.

Eco-Agric Uganda is lead by women, and operates in central and western Uganda. It works with rural and vulnerable women, orphans, disabled, elderly and youth groups. The communities are welcoming with a rich and enjoyable culture, and thankful for any assistance. They grow a variety of foods and fruits including pineapples, avocados, oranges, mangoes in the great Ugandan climate. Happy and proud of their country, they wish to share their small riches with you. 


Our Vision

“A healthy and empowered population living in a sustainable environment".

Our Goal

 “To contribute to improved livelihoods of communities and health outcomes”

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Get back to your true self and make a real connection with others.

authentic africa

The WAMU cottages are located in a rural area for an authentic Ugandan experience with the most hospitable and welcoming communities.


Rejuvenate yourself with leisure time and fresh food from the garden.


WAMU is a program started by Eco-Agric Uganda, an NGO that aims at improving livelihoods of rural communities.

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