Stay with Us

Are you feeling lonely, stressed, depressed and burning out; you don’t have to feel that anymore. Do you want to reflect on yourself, meditate and connect with others? Don’t worry any more. Come, share, learn, connect with people and nature as you refresh yourself and enjoy at WAMU. Lots of activities that connects you with people and nature. Come and enjoy agriculture tourism. Taste many different local foods not tasted before, you can even participate in preparing them.


If you have a few days to spare on your tour, spend it with us. Do agriculture tourism. Engage in agriculture activities whichever you feel ok with. 


What an experience you will never forget, come and explore The Pearl of Africa, Uganda. Invaluable experience interacting with the surrounding environment!


​Our package will include;

  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • A room in our cottages

  • Mosquito net

  • Towel

​So please, if you are interested in spending a few days with us at WAMU and our communities, we welcome you with open arms! 

Fill out our booking form under the 'Accommodation' link. 


Tasks you may find yourself engaging in will include...