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Many activities exist and are geared towards ensuring you enjoy, refresh and connect with both people and nature.

Get involved in farming using a hand hoe, learn to grow vegetables, watch sunset in the east, adventure on a memorable safari, get involved in cooking. WAMU Cottages is the place for all these experiences and many more.

Come experience, get involved and enjoy!

Handcraft, tailoring and hairdressing trainings offered to young mothers and youth.


Village walks with story telling to convey the culture, history, and values that unite people.

Village walks

The traditional Ugandan dance or drumming performances and lessons.

Traditional dance

Touring gardens in communities and learning a lot about the different crops and plants. How they are grown, managed and eaten.

Agriculture Tourism

Agriculture trainings to learn about the key principles of sustainable organic farming. 


Safaris can easily be arranged by our partners to ensure a good service.


Purchase fresh food from the Central Market and learn how to cook traditional Ugandan food.

Cooking class

We believe in educating the nation through provision of support to poor vulnerable children in communities.