Support our local community


We've initiated a special program to support vulnerable people in an Internally Displaced Camp in Hoima District. The camp has over 3000 people surviving in poor living conditions. They sleep in basic huts with no clean water, few toilets, lack of a functional school and no health facility. There is a communally established school where children learn from a simple church. The entire community is in need of urgent support.

We strive to support the community with clothes, scholastic materials, sanitation, medical supplies, clean water as well as constructing a school facility and housing.  Education is key to so many things that will help these children. They must learn to read and write, and learn vocational skills.


Your help is essential for these vulnerable children and adults.


Please donate to support them!

Youth skills empowerment

A number of youth, especially girls, drop out of school for many reasons; lack of school fees, early pregnancy ect. They remain in communities without any skill and are unable to make a living. We identify them and train them in vocational skills like hair dressing, tailoring and hand crafts. This improves their employability as well as having the capability to begin their own trade.

The biggest challenge encountered is lack of training machines, tools and other learning materials. We need support to acquire these items to continue the training of these young women. Please donate to support them!